Diagnosis, medication and mainstream psychological therapies.


Orlando, FL


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Meet Our Doctors

Psychiatrist at Professional Psychiatric Services are licensed, trained, experienced and accredited physicians specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders who can prescribe medicine when beneficial to treatment


Andres Montalvo, MD

Medical Director

Doctor Montalvo is an experienced psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience in treating mental health and behavioral conditions. He completed his specialty in psychiatry at the Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, in New York


Hector L Torres, MD

General Psychiatrist

Doctor Torres has more than 30 years of proven clinical experience evaluating and treating patients with psychiatry disorders. He completed his specialty in psychiatry in the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychiatry.


Abimael Rivera, MD

General Psychiatrist

Doctor Rivera has extensive clinical experience in the evaluation and treatment of patients with mental disorders. Doctor Rivera completed his residency in psychiatry in the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychiatry.

Meet our Administrative Staff

Damaris Pastrana, Orlando Office | Aimee Roman, Saint Cloud Office | Thelma Lopez, Counseling Program